Raketa, a corporate booking tool, was created in 2011. It is not like any other booking tool: it connects users to suppliers directly. Like any real rocket, Raketa consists of the following modules.


Profile management

Travellers preferences and personal data management 

Travel policy

Drives savings


Duty of care

Data and reporting

Dynamic reporting and data management


Multilevel authorization




Pre-trip, trip, post-trip communication

API integrations

Effective integration with  ERPs and suppliers

Artificial intelligence

Intelligence control across the platform



Raketa is quite familiar with big data.


We use eStreaming API by Travelport, which collects anonymous data on travel and provides Raketa with it to analyze the cost of air tickets and to make forecast.

The data may be used by Raketa's partners to make their own forecast.

The platform processes a lot of data to compile reports on travel: data is being cumulated and analyzed through certain periods of time to present the statistics on the company's trips.

Raketa also provides LSO option - Lost Savings Opportunity. Taking into account travel policy and price control, the system analyzes the data on prices and provides the user with innformation on how much they could have saved, choosing an option at less cost.

Safety and security


Raketa complies with Federal Law of 27 July 2006 N 152-FZ On personal data, regulating the processing of personal data by means of automation equipment.

PCI DSS compliance: Level 3, validated by the qualified security assessor. That makes Raketa absolutely safe for the cardholders' data.

GDPR Ready. The user's data will be handled according to the European law.

Raketa can send data to rescue services, such as International SOS, to keep the company informed on safety of its business travellers in critical situations.



To use the platform to its fullest potential it is sometimes important to look into our library

The library is the source of instructions, videos and Q&A to feel confident at the areas you may be lost using Raketa.

The access to these knowledges is granted to every actual user of Raketa.

Want to know more?

Download the presentation to find out more about Raketa values, content and more on how to drive you business with a neutral OBT.

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