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The digital platform Raketa is integrated with global and local service providers, is able to integrate with HR, ERP and other systems in the corporate circuit and/or communicate via API.

Integration with client systems

Raketa platform is able to integrate with any ERP, HR, business systems and be part of the client's corporate ecosystem. Whether it's Oracle, SAP, Bitrix, Jira or another system.

When using Raketa, companies get an efficient business process, resource savings and budget for travel arrangements, as well as a single platform for operating in several countries.

Integration with travel service providers

Raketa's powerful proprietary API allows you to integrate any suppliers and receive content from numerous airlines, hotel consolidators, railways, transfer companies, providing business travelers with a wide range of offers.

The digital platform Raketa is already integrated with more than 100 suppliers around the world, so a corporate client can receive content immediately after signing a contract with Raketa.

If the client chooses a supplier that is not in Raketa, then we will consider a request for its integration.

Thanks to the universal API, a new provider is connected within two weeks.

How does the integration go?

The user submits an application to connect the provider
Raketa reviews the supplier and makes a decision
Raketa examines the vendor's API
Technical implementation and testing